Meet Becky Sill

Becky Sill is a successful business woman who is passionate about coaching, education, and helping others.  As an independent associate, Becky is able to offer a portfolio of services for individuals, families, small businesses, group benefits and commercial drivers addressing identity theft and legal situations.  Building a defensive wall of protection around families all across North America and Canada, she offers protection from situations that could potentially devastate families and businesses both emotionally and financially.

Prior to her career with LegalShield she was a coach for youth track, football, H.S. track and an active part of the Santa Clarita Tri-Valley Chapter of Special Olympics.  In her professional career as a Realtor she created a unique business model of “coaching” her clients through every aspect of the buying and selling process, reduced stress by creating realistic expectations and developed relationships that grew her business by referral.  She entered the California real estate market during the foreclosure bust and cultivated a thriving business when veterans were throwing in the towel.  After moving to Texas due to her husband’s relocation, she enjoys her new career educating families and businesses on the importance of protecting themselves from identity theft and legal situations as well as helping other entrepreneurs build their business with LegalShield.

Meet Ben Sill

Ben Sill has an aviation background spanning more than 35 years.  He started in high school pumping gas at an airport, worked in the hangar on a Cessna 150 which lead to a DC9 and everything in between.  He eventually worked his way into management supervising the maintenance crew for several Gulfstream.  Ten months after his company relocated his family to Texas, the company decided his services were no longer needed and eliminated his position.  After much thought and consideration, he decided to join Becky’s mission to protect families all across the United States and Canada.  He felt like he could still make a living while making a difference.  They love spending time together and working for themselves in a way that will give them independence.   “Annual vacations with my wife and a car bonus paid by the company is a nice reality that I never experienced in the corporate world.”